Walls & Fences

Fences can make a statement and really cap off your landscaping and garden, we like to see fences as an extension of your house. Your fence should complement your house not look like an after thought.

Fences can also provide a simple answer to privacy issues in a cost effective way. Fences can vary in style and character as the design of houses so it is important to build a fence that meets your needs and complements your house. Ormescapes have the knowledge to help you find the best answer to your fencing problem.

Types of fences and walls we can help you with

  • Timber Fences (contemporary or traditional / heritage)
  • Stone Fences
  • Dry Stone Wall Fences (no mortar used)
  • Pool Fencing
  • Stone Walls

Timber Fencing

We all know the traditional 5’4, 6’4 and 7ft paling fence. They used as most back or side fences in the suburban home, but don’t think you are limited to used this type of timber fence. We can you show you the wonderful choice of exposed posts, capping or boxed lattice, used for boundaries. An extension with strength and a touch of class with its contemporary look can be used for security, privacy or as a feature. We can also design and build a custom fence to match your vision.


Gates are the most important part of any fencing structure, whether your fence requires a driveway gate, pedestrian gate the strength, security, convenience and style are all factors that must be considered in choosing the right gate. Gates can be manually operated or fitted with the appropriate automation system. They can be secured and operated with a basic latch, mortise locks and handles, deadbolts or fitted with electric latches.

Glass Fencing or Pool Fencing

Whether you seek a modern or classic look, or you just want your barrier to disappear; Glass Fencing could be the answer. As well as new installations, glass fencing can be retro fitted to existing structures. Frameless or semi-frameless pool fencing, balustrade, privacy screens aluminium or stainless steel posts and fittings whatever your needs Ormescapes can help.

Dry Stone Walls (Also known as Cladding)

Dry stone walling (also known as wall cladding) is a centuries-old technique to build houses, fences, entry pillars and garden ledges, and we continue this masonry legacy to this day. Building dry stone walls is an age old technique that requires patience and knowledge.

Ormescapes Landscape Constructions will go over the wide variety of options and help you choose the best products for your fencing requirements.

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